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High School Musisical - Summer 2024


High School Musical Production Team

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our production team for High School Musical!!

Director - Ceri Winrow         Assistant Director - Caitlin Gallagher
Musical Director - Julia Glaudot     Choreographer - Elzbieta Antosiewicz
Production Secretary - Lisa Harford

We were blown away by the incredible turnout at the High School Musical auditions this past Sunday, It was a jam-packed day, but one filled with so much energy and talent. The audition panel had a fantastic time meeting each and every one of you.

The overall standard was incredibly high, making the decision process quite challenging. However, we're thrilled to announce the full cast list below! Congratulations to everyone who made .

Thank you to everyone who participated. We can't wait to start rehearsals and bring this beloved musical to life with you all!


High School Musical - Principle Cast List

High School Musical - Ensemble Cast

  • Troy Bolton - Nat Swift 
    The popular basketball captain with a hidden passion for singing

  • Gabriella Montez - Layla Harford
    The new brainy student who loves to sing karaoke 

  • Sharpay Evans - Georgia Pemberton 
    The drama club diva is determined to keep the lead roles

  • Ryan Evans - Leo Birt
    Sharpay's twin brother and co-conspirator is also talented and driven

  • Kelsi - Roisin Swift 
    The talented songwriter with a crush on Troy

  • Chad Danforth - Paul Matthews  
    Troy's loyal best friend and basketball teammate 

  • Taylor McKessie - Laura Jefferies 
    The science club president who encourages Gabriella's pursuits

  • Ms, Darbus - Jodie Dwight 
    The strict but passionate drama teacher

  • Coach Bolton Ross Edwards
    Troy's dad and coach of the school basketball team

  • The Jocks
    Nat Swift, Paul Matthews, Byron Pound, Charli Lucas

  • Head Cheerleader & Dance Captain
    Millie Rose

  • The Cheerleaders
    Olivia MAP, Lucy Windhurst, Daisy Anderson, Ella-Mai Hyett-Uckun, Bex Partlett

  • Ensemble
    James Blanch, Abbir Cairns, Freya Harman, Morgan Koronis, Ania pogorzelska, Jess Burgess, Ruby Smalley-Harris, Tara Turner

  • Teachers Ensemble
    Raffaela Goodman, Eilise Watson, Vicky Talbott

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