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Sleeping Beaurty 14th - 18th Feb 2024 

We are pleased to announce our supper talented cast list

Firstly, the audition panel would like to say a huge well done to every single one of you, the level of talent we saw today was astronomical. As you can imagine, we have had some very difficult decisions to make.

Without further ado, the cast list is as follows:

Principle Charachter's
Young Rose 1/Ensemble  -  Amelie Walker

Young Rose 2/Ensemble  -  Chloe Emery

Older Rose  -  Caitlin Gallagher

Prince Alexis/Alexander  -  Bex Partlett

Fairy Lilac  -  Thomas Smith

Bad Witch Hazel  -  Anne Martin

Egor  -  Maggie Preston

King  -  Phil Cooke

Queen  -  Julia Glaudot

Muddles  -  James Done

Nurse Hettie Harpic  -  Ross Edwards

Fetch  -  Rich Berry

Carrie  -  Vickie Talbot

Rainbow Red  -  Eva Nunez

Rainbow Orange  -  Nina Koschalka

Rainbow Yellow  -  Millie Rose

Rainbow Green  -  Zoe Clarke 

Rainbow Blue  -  Lola Sheppard

Andrew Bullock  -  Ben Goodman  -  Charli Lucas 
Chloe Wilson  - Claire Enstone  -  Daisy Phillimore
Esme Hunting   -  Maggie Ansell  -  Sheba Mimano

Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Roisin Swift *Dance Captain
 Elzbieta Antosiewicz 
Lucy Windust

Children Ensemble

Team Flora

Chloe Emery

Megan Young

Kaleem Kavla

Ruth Done

Alice Glaudot

Rosie-May Alcock

Elsie Wharton

Team Merryweather

Amelie Walker

Kiera Connolly

Dylan Edwards

Imogen Connolly

Noah Willmott

Harriet Coe

Sophie Sharp

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