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Joseph & The  Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

A fun filled romp through ancient Egypt

Wow what a show !

We are over the moon to share with you the success our latest show, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, at the Playhouse Theatre Cheltenham.

The show was a phenomenal success, selling out all seats for the week-long run, and the audiences were blown away by the musical spectacle.

The show featured a magnificent cast of nearly 50people, including 20 children who added to the fun and excitement. Charlie Mutimer was brilliant as the confident and charismatic Joseph, while Anna Robinson and Jenna Vale were superb as the narrators who guided us through the story. The singing, dancing and costumes were all stunning, and the music was catchy and uplifting.

The children were especially incredible, as they sang and danced with passion and joy. They clearly had a blast on stage, and so did we in the audience.

We want to thank Helen, our director, who brought this show to life with her vision and creativity. We also want to thank David, our musical director, and his awesome team who made the music sound fantastic. A special shout-out to Vicki, who did a phenomenal job conducting the cast on stage. And of course, we can't forget the tech team

This has to be one of Promenade Productions' best productions to date, and we are so proud of everyone involved. But don't worry, we are not resting on our laurels. We are already preparing for our next production, Sleeping Beauty, which will be coming in February. If you want to join them on stage or behind the scenes, you can find out more about the pre-auditions and audition dates here.

Joseph – Charlie Mutimer 
Jacob – Phil Cooke

Narrator 1 - Anna Robson
Narrator 2 - Jenna Vale

Joseph's Brothers
Reuben – Simon Lewis   Simeon – Ross Edwards   Levi – Rich Berry    Naphtali – James Done
Issachar – Andrew Bullock    Asher – Charli Lucas   Dan – Jem Paris-Johnstone    Zebulon – Harry Thomas

Gad – Freddie Flood    Benjamin – Nat Swift   Judah – Thomas Smith

Potiphar – Phil Cooke   Mrs Potiphar – Ceri Winrow   Butler – Harry Thomas    Baker – James Done

Pharaoh – Ross Edwards   Apache/Female soloist - Josie Dwigjt

Brother’s Wives:

Selina Greenland - Ann Morris - Raffaela Goodman
Anne Martin - Heather Gallagher - Sue Brookes - Layla Harford
 Jodie Dwight  Also Apache/Female soloist

Brother’s Wives/Dancers:

Ceri Winrow - Bex Partlett - Roisin Swift


Eva Nunez - Millie Rose - Zoe Clarke

Children’s Chorus:
Penny Steele, Amy James, Keira Connolly, Charlotte Berry, Lola Sheppard, Chloe Emery, Miley Hawkins

Ruth Done, Isabell Harris, Iris Rees, Alexa Smith, Dylan Edwards, Freddie Hyde, Noah Wilmott, Vanessa Thorn,
Harriet Coe, Matilda Danaher, Rosie-May Alcock, Valentina Harper-Albornoz

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